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Thread: Suggestions for Android Auto Integration

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    Suggestions for Android Auto Integration

    When I start BP normally, I have it set to start in the player and my SmartPlay Playlist - the last one being used - is all queued up, etc. This is the preferred way for BP to work, IMO.

    When I get into my car, however, and connect via Android Auto, launching BP results in a blank play screen. I have to hit the hamburger menu and wait while it searched its database, then choose the SmartPlay list, etc. All waiting. All with interactions that I should not be performing while driving so it results in delaying the start of my trip. This is super annoying.

    SUggestion is to have the Android Auto variation simply do what the default/preferences are set up to do in the full-up app. If you wish to always launch player with SmartList X, then that is what the Android Auto code will do.

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    It used to be that way but recent updates broke something in the way BP act in AA.

    When I plug ma phone to the car aa launch, sometimes I can continue the listening of my playlist as normal, but sometimes the AA playlist is blank and I need to select it.
    Can't tell what cause it to get blank..

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