Bear with me here because this is really odd.

I've been using BP unlocked for years. I primarily use it with Bose Quietcomfort Q35 headphones.

Since the last update, I've been getting constant drops whilst using BP. What I've found very odd, is that the drops happen very regularly in the same situations, even things like when I walk through a certain door in my office, it will pause and when leaving my apartment and hitting a certain point on my stairs.

This happens exclusively with BeyondPod, other apps like Spotify will play all day without interruption.

It also happens with my Bluetooth speakers at home, but as the device is stationary, the drops are more random. I've not started leaving my phone outside the shower as it will usually pause during the time I'm listening in there.

Very weird! Anyone experiencing the same?

BP v4.2.41
Android 9