I have been a paying BeyondPod user for a long time, but recent bugs made it pretty much unusable.

First there was a change in the UI, which I got used to even if it was inconvenient. Especially with the settings and add menu below all subscriptions.
It got slower and slower over time and I just became more patient.
The widget stopped working ... ok, I am just going to use the app then.
Some podcasts had audio or download issues. I can always blame the podcast, even if it sometimes worked after a restart.
Sync was also a bit hit and miss.

But what broke me was the constant pausing while playing and unreliable bluetooth usage.
On one listening session recently I had to unpause every couple of minutes, that is just unusable.

Now I switched to Pocket Casts. I will miss some features like the auto-filling smart lists and probably others.
But this new app is just so responsive and everything it does just works, sometimes this is enough.

Maybe I give BeyondPod another go in a year or so, but with the progress of the recent years I wouldn't keep my hopes up.