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Thread: PB v4.2.41 - Podcasts Randomly Pause

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAC View Post
    When listening to BP I am also using the Waze navigation program (in car using Android Auto). I noticed when Waze popped up a notification on my phone BP paused. After I turned off Waze notifications BP no longer 'randomly' pauses.
    THANKS! This did the trick. I never would have thought notifications that pop up on a phone that is in Android Auto mode would even exist. But they do, and it causes BP to pause/start cycle constantly.

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    Tonight, I discovered the settings that are discussed in this thread, namely 'Pause on Headset Disconnect' and 'Pause on Notification'
    When I turned off 'Pause on Headset Disconnect' my constant (and what I thought was random) pauses when using a Bluetooth headset stopped.

    For reference:
    Under Menu > Settings > Player Settings > Automatic Pause or Resume > Pause on Headset Disconnect was checked, set to Yes, and I unchecked it.

    In my case, I think an unrelated Bluetooth device, not my headset, was constantly polling (connecting and disconnecting).

    I wish I had found this thread first, instead of just now, after I discovered these settings myself. :-/

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    This one hits me every day. I plug into AA, hit play.. and like clockwork, about 30-60 seconds later it pauses playback. I unpause it, and go on.
    Very frustrating...

    I asked some android devs for some ideas, and one of them noted that BP is not discriminating between disconnecting the *active* audio device, and disconnecting an unrelated audio device.
    So, apparently as part of the AA setup sequence, or Waze, or Google Maps, or whatever... it connects and disconnects some audio devices (which are not active), and BP is incorrectly pausing.

    It explains why the trick in #12 works to fix it... but then disconnecting the *active* device no longer works.

    Seems like there should be an easy fix for this one.

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