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Thread: PB v4.2.41 - Podcasts Randomly Pause

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAC View Post
    When listening to BP I am also using the Waze navigation program (in car using Android Auto). I noticed when Waze popped up a notification on my phone BP paused. After I turned off Waze notifications BP no longer 'randomly' pauses.
    THANKS! This did the trick. I never would have thought notifications that pop up on a phone that is in Android Auto mode would even exist. But they do, and it causes BP to pause/start cycle constantly.

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    Tonight, I discovered the settings that are discussed in this thread, namely 'Pause on Headset Disconnect' and 'Pause on Notification'
    When I turned off 'Pause on Headset Disconnect' my constant (and what I thought was random) pauses when using a Bluetooth headset stopped.

    For reference:
    Under Menu > Settings > Player Settings > Automatic Pause or Resume > Pause on Headset Disconnect was checked, set to Yes, and I unchecked it.

    In my case, I think an unrelated Bluetooth device, not my headset, was constantly polling (connecting and disconnecting).

    I wish I had found this thread first, instead of just now, after I discovered these settings myself. :-/

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