Hi everyone - I'm a new user and really like BeyondPod. But I'm having an issue I hope you can help me with: I can't get scheduled updates to work.

Apologies up front if this has already been answered and I missed it. I did search but couldn't find an answer. The closest thing I found was this, and although it doesn't seem like it's addressing my specific problem, I tried the suggestions and my problem persists.

I have the paid version of the app.

I have configured Settings > Feed Update Settings > Automatic Updates as follows:
  • All feeds
  • Update on Schedule: On
  • Start at: 5:00 AM
  • Repeate Every: 1 day

However - this never seems to do anything. I have to manually click the "Refresh Feeds" button in the left-side menu to get it to search for a download new content. Thankfully, with the paid app, this can be done with one click. But it's a click that I have to remember to make when I'm on wifi - which is often not the same time I want to listen to content. As it stands right now, I sometimes find myself frustrated, "Oh crap, I forgot to refresh and download before I left this morning - now I'm not on wifi..."

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!