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Thread: Not all feeds showing in Android Auto.

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    Not all feeds showing in Android Auto.

    When I used BeyondPod today not all my feeds are showing. They are listed alphabetically and don't go beyond P and some intermediate ones are missing too. They are a mixture of feeds and virtual folders that are missing. I am using version 4.2.41 and the issue is present on my Galaxy S8 running Oreo and with Android Auto in my car.

    Often the screen showing feeds or playlist on BeyondPod will not show any playlist items but the one currently playing. I am not aware of Android Auto, my phone or BeyondPod being updated recently so what is going on?

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    I sent them a bug report on this very same issue.

    2019-01-14 15.22.11.jpg

    Had to do a refresh to get the rest of the podcasts to show up in my playlist.

    2019-01-14 15.26.22.jpg

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