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Thread: BeyondPod alternative? Or how can I fix this persistent issue with lag

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    BeyondPod alternative? Or how can I fix this persistent issue with lag

    I've been a paid user of BP since 2011. I've been very happy with it until about a year and a half ago when the ui started getting crazy laggy. I click on the download button and it can take upwards of 3 seconds for the ui to respond. In the meantime the app is completely frozen. Oftentimes it won't even download the episode I actually selected or it will download multiple episodes I didn't want. It's very frustrating.

    Updating feeds is also pretty slow and janky. The ui widget in the notifications bar will often just cut out for no perceptible reason.

    I started having these problems will using a brand new Google pixel. I'm now using an S8. Neither of these phones are weird unknown brands or budget phones by any means. They are magnitudes more powerful than the phones I originally used beyond pod on.

    What's the deal?

    Can I fix this?

    And if not what are my options for alternatives. I've tried all the main podcatcher apps and I just don't like their ui. I've gotten really used to beyond pods way of doing things and it's very nice and simple. All the other apps I've tried try shoving their podcast storefront down my throat and they generally don't allow me to just browse by feed. I can create auto downloading Playlists but I don't want that! I want manual selection. I'm subbed to a lot of podcasts (around 100) and I have many I haven't listened to in years but will go back to later when I feel like it.

    Is it because I have too many feeds? Is it something else? I see recent reviews in the play store that don't report any performance issues. I do see a number of people also complaining but usually for different reasons than me.

    Any help?

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    I'm in the same boat as you, as are many others. I find all alternatives lacking or infuriating in one form or another.

    BP was bought by Smart Data Systems in 2016 and the app went to shit after that. No new features, no bug fixing, nothing. I wished their customers would know how this company is not even capable of keeping an Android app running so they would think twice about giving them their business. I sure as hell would be skeptical. They are not even able to keep the fucking certificates of their website up-to-date.

    I'm honestly not sure if they are even still in business.

    I don't know why your app is sluggish. I have a good 200 subscriptions so that that shouldn't be an issue. One thing I did and what others have done is downgrading to the most stable version which seems to be 4.2.18. That fixes lots of problems but reintroduced some old ones. It's a trade off. Another thing you could try is backing up everything and then reinstalling. Maybe that fixes the sluggishness.

    We should start a Kickstarter to hire a competent developer to clone and improve on BeyondPod. lol

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    I use bp from many years but some times ago started every release more bug than solution.
    Still present random number in titles, and is become very very slow.... Often system tell if I want to wait or close app.
    Just downloaded podcast addict. Only bp features useful for me is tasker integration... But now is too much unusable.. I think BP is out of business today...

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    Find tasker integration in podcast addict. Bye

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