Firstly, thank you to BeyondPod! I've used this for years now. Tried other capture APPs and this one is my favorite. I can watch or listen to anything I want in my own time frame and without the "controls" from the producers APP or their diminished PLUG-ins. Everything in one place! Easy peasy interface! Absolutely love it. It's open and on no less than 3 hours every day.

My Question.
Pardon my ignorance here.
I read an old article from 2016 that FeedBurner, an RSS aggregator managed by Google is no longer supported and will be shut down. However, it isn't shut down. When I veiw my podcast URL's inside the BeyondPOD App it always list a feedburner address. If RSS Feedburner addresses are no longer managed, used, or supported, at what point with this URL pointer be defunct? What are other ways that BeyondPOD accesses and links the very casts I choose? I simply type in a name and "WHALLA!" It shows up. With there come a time when BeyondPOD will locate the feed without having a feeburner location to draw from?

Adam (apexadam)