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Thread: Play on chromecast audio not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by distearth View Post
    Throwing my hat in here. Just coming back to BeyondPod after using Google Play Music for a while and missed BeyondPod, (paid version). Pretty important feature, chromecast, is broken?
    The app is not up to date with Chromecast new requirements so the development team is updating the core of BeyondPod to sync those up.

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    Same here - just discovered this last night.

    So Chromecast audio support is now gone ...
    and bluetooth audio is unstable ...

    I'll admit, I just tried PocketCasts ... and hated it! Point is ... this has caused me to start looking for a BeyondPod replacement. I've been with BP since it was on Windows Mobile! Please fix these issues before I find a replacement. I am sure I am not the only one!

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