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Thread: Forgot what episodes are played

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    Forgot what episodes are played

    I feature I really like/depend on is that BP remembers what episodes have been played.
    Some podcasts I have been following for quite a long time and I like having this record going all the way back.

    However recently it seems that it has entirely forgotten the whole history.
    It does seem to know that some episodes have been downloaded and then deleted again, since the re-download button appears on many episodes.

    Not sure if it is relevant, but I didn't listen to podcasts very often for a long time (let's call it a year) even though BP has been updating/auto-deleting in the background this whole time.
    It has both forgotten podcasts that I listened to years ago and ones I listened to days ago.

    What can I do from here?
    I probably have some old backups, so at least there's hope of getting old history back.

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    Are you using an SD card possibly? I wonder if your external storage is being corrupted by a failing card.

    Since this app hasn't been updated in months it's likely something corrupting on your phone rather than the app causing it.

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