I listen to a lot of podcasts and sometimes I want to go back to try to find something (usually half remembered) that I have listened to in the past. If there were a log of what I had listened to it would be very helpful in finding things.

Specific Application
Ultimately, I don't really want to search in the app, but would like to dump this into another program (Dayone) so export as a JSON object or some other text format would be ideal. I know you could never support every endpoint usage, but if the log could be sent via email, it could then be shipped off to wherever and support many different use cases.

My dream object would look something like:

  "2019-01-01": [
      "episode_name": string,
      "episode_duration": number,
      "time_played": number,
      "play_start": number,
      "feed_link": string,
      "description": string