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Thread: Adding a second playlist

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    Question Adding a second playlist


    I have tried to find out if it is possible to have more than a single playlist in beyondpod?

    My situation: I want to have two separate playlist with podcasts for different purposes (one for conmuting, one for longer trips).

    I have successfully used the autoplaylist function, but I can't seem to find an option to add another playlist.

    Is this possible in beyondpod?

    Thanks for your help and time.


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    Not as such, but I am in much the same position - I have my "normal" playlist, but I also have a collection of podcasts that my partner and I listen to together on long journeys.

    There are a number of ways to achieve this, but here's one. You don't get the same precise level of control that you do with a SmartPlay list, but it should get you fairly close:

    1. Add all your "long journey" feeds to a category.
    2. Go to the Episodes view, and select that category.
    3. Sort the episodes into the order you want (using the button in the bottom right corner)
    4. Tap the "Add to Playlist" button in the centre at the bottom (a list, with a little plus sign in its bottom right corner)
    5. You can tap the double tick at the top of the page to Clear Playlist, and then Add All to Playlist

    Alternatively, if you have Automatic Playlist ticked in settings (Menu | More | Settings | Playlist and Widget Settings), at step 4 you can just tap on the artwork for the first podcast you want to add to the playlist. That will clear the current playlist and play everything you can see starting at the podcast you tapped.

    Yet another option is to use the new Quick Play feature in Beta 3.0.20;
    Quote Originally Posted by StefanK View Post
    Added “Quick Play” commands. Quick Play will instantly play categories, feeds or episodes matching a search keyword. Quick Play can be started using Android Voice search (by saying for example “Listen to News” or “Listen to Science Friday”), by creating a (new) home screen shortcut or from a 3rd party application (like Tasker/Llama). More information on how to set it up is available here. Quick Play is currently an experimental feature so give it a try and let us know what you think.
    That will allow you to create a homescreen shortcut (or issue a voice command) to play your Long Journey category (Listen to "Long Journey" or Listen to "Oldest in Category Long Journey". Or to do it with a homescreen shortcut (not widget), from the Home Screen, long press and choose Shortcuts; pick BeyondPod Quick Play, and enter the name of your category or the criteria for your selection.

    You can find more details on Quick Play here.

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    Thanks Julie, this seems to be a good workaround!

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