When launching BeyondPod, I frequently find it appears to hang or slip to a Not Responding state. Tapping the widget play button and it appears like nothing is happening, but opening the app has it just with a solid white screen.

It can take up to 20+ seconds to launch, long enough that Android throws up the "this app is not responding" option. Sometimes the app has actually launched by this point, so the prompt is redundant, but other times I still have to hit "wait" and the app will come through.

This can happen if it had been a long time (hours) since the last launch, but at times I've even had it happen within minutes.

It often seems related to seeing the background feed update service running - the symbol often shows up in the notification area as soon as the app launches, even when it whitescreens.

This happens on my device and on my partner's device, and has been for some time now.

Version: 4.2.41 (but has been happening for months now, on prior updates)

HTC U11 running Android 8.0.0 (but happened on a previous version as well)
Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9 (but happened on a previous version as well)