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Thread: Hanging/white screen when launching

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    Is development on BeyondPod being pursued? I mean, please let me know when this bug is going to be fixed. I am sick and tired of dealing with all the other problems with BeyondPod and then to have to deal with this lock up of the app constantly! I finally figured out how to deal with the crazy UI screens, settings and all the crap that is BeyondPod, and now there are more bugs that have gotten into the app.

    At the moment I have to deal with the lock up of the UI, followed by the white screen if I restart it. I also have pauses happening 4 or more times in a simple 20 minute walk around the block. Many times a podcast doesn't get marked as listened even though I listened to the whole thing. And if I pause more than about 2 minutes, I can't unpause from my headphones. At some point I have to spend my time on learning another podcast app rather than wasting it on one that isn't getting any better.


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    We all hope for a new beta with problems fixed.
    Now I use 4.2.32. It is the last usable version available.

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    Yes, we are still developing and supporting BeyondPod. We had planned to release a new BETA version at the end of January pending any testing hang ups and unfortunately we ran into some issues when testing. The development team is actively working on polishing up the bug fixes. We will continue to work as quick as possible, but not sacrifice a quality app.

    As for pausing: this seems to be an Android setting that is putting the app to sleep when the device screen is not active. You will need to change your device settings to allow BP to stay awake.

    Settings>device care>battery>beyond pod> then turn off "put app to sleep"**

    Now, the above only seems to fix the issue if you are listening directly on the device but it doesn't seem to fix the issue when listening through bluetooth, so the developers have created a fix for the bluetooth issue that will be included in the next release.

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