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Thread: Is BeyondPod dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phalkon30 View Post
    Kim, none of those links work, but I understand your point.

    For what it's worth when I was using this as a podcast player on my Nexus 6P and Pixel 2XL I had pausing issues. Neither are Samsung devices. In the thread you linked to on these forums the original poster and at least one other person are using non-Samsung devices.

    I would suggest anyone that has pausing issues (Samsung or other) to try the old .18 release, if it works without pausing you can eliminate the phone as the problem.
    I apologize, the links have been fixed in the previous post. Also mentioned in the previous post is our development team is still suspecting an issue specific to BP that is aiding in this issue, but there is a known issue of constant pausing in Samsung devices, which most of the reported users are using. We know there are users who do not have samsung that are still experiencing a pausing issue which is why development is still working on a BP specific fix, but I wanted to A) update everyone on our latest findings, and B) try to help those with Samsung devices find a workaround using suggestions in the links from other reports (outside of BP).

    The original user who posted in the other thread I mentioned was reporting it for BeyondPod v4.2.38. It was since thought to have been fixed in v4.2.41 but it clearly was not for all users. Most users reporting pausing in 4.2.41 version are on Samsung.
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