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Thread: BT Bluetooth pause & resume issue

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    BT Bluetooth pause & resume issue


    I'd really like to get resume after a long pause working for me via the BT headset button.
    This works fine with a corded headset.

    I've tried to work out how long it is before it breaks - it's fine for at least 1 minute. it seems to break at 5 mins, though I've had it work after 8 mins.
    I am running 4.2.40, having downgraded from 41 to get the widget working. However I had this issue on 41.

    I've tried this with "Keep paused notification" ticked and unticked - I don;'t think it makes any difference.

    I'm happy to go further back in the deployments - I _feel_ that there was a point where everything that I needed just _worked_...

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    There also seems to be the same issue with the wired headset button (I use both BT and wired regularly). It definitely used to work, but I don't know if the issue has been cause by a BeyondPod update or an Android update that needs a BeyondPod update to support it, as I get quite regular updates on my phones and this has been an issue for a long time.

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    I also noticed the same problem with the wired headset button.

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