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Thread: It's been 8 months since the last release

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulroberts View Post
    and i'm being offered a beta 4.2.33 with oreo fixes???

    That was a display mistake made by one of the developers. BETA v4.2.42 has been posted to our website beta channel and given to a small select group of users who have volunteered. Unfortunately, one of the developers did not change the display for the version and the notes when they made the new BETA v4.2.42 available on our channel, which notifies beta users in app. They should be correcting that if they haven't already.

    The correct apk for v4.2.42 is available on the BeyondPod channel though.
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    Thanks Kim. I'm currently testing out 4.2.42 it installed OK on my Huawei p10 I'm hoping it will cure my hanging widget. Sadly it won't be full time though as after many faithful years I moved to Pocketcast after the long absence of updates. I'm still holding out hope though as nothing beats Beyondpod when it's working.

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