I am growing more and more impatient with BeyondPod. It really appears that they do not care anymore, and it appears they have no interest in fixing issues and pushing the ball forward. I know many have bailed and I am strongly considering as i am getting tired of some of these same issues coming up and not being addressed. There are NUMEROUS threads of issues. There are NUMEROUS threads asking for when updates will come, and none of these are answered with anything really satisfactory. No release dates, not ETAs, just more... "we are working on it" and I have really lost confidence that issues will be fixed let alone improvements.

Has anyone else found a good alternative to BeyondPod that syncs with Feedly. I also use this for news articles and blogs. I like that I can use my PC and BeyondPod for both the RSS stuff, and also have the podcast functionality. I just hat that some of these issues are driving me nuts and starting to become worse.

I had a friend recently ask what app I use. I told him, but I cannot really recommend it. When that is the case, the product needs some serious CPR or it is on the way out. I fear it is on the way out.

When communication with developers has devolved into a wait and see and hoping that the contract (I am assuming) developers are actually doing something, but you do not know, you have lost control of what your product does. This is a bad sign.