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Thread: How do YOU use BeyondPod? Help shape future versions

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    I have turned off streaming (awesome option to stop me from accidentally playing something that wasn't downloaded yet), and only download via wifi. I update all feeds every hour, at the 33rd minute after the hour. I automatically download all podcasts for all feeds except for the ones noted below. I normally keep "hide read" selected, so that I only see podcasts which have available to be listened to. However, I only listen via smartplay.

    Here are my categories, and their podcasts in each one.

    - Uncategorized (at the top)
    - BeyondPod Blog

    - P1 - (listen to these ones ASAP, always, always, always)
    - Armstrong and Getty on 910 AM (not automatically downloaded)
    - The Armstrong and Getty Show

    - P2
    - Global News (BBC)
    - StarDate Podcast

    - P3
    - All About Android
    - Ham Nation
    - In Beta
    - The Sword and Laser Podcast
    - This Week In Google

    - P4
    - FLOSS Weekly
    - The Ben Heck Show (Large MP4)
    - this WEEK in TECH - MP3 Edition

    - P5
    - Triangulation

    - P6
    - Dr. Kiki's Science Hour
    - Geek and Sundry (to keep up with the Geek and Sundry that I have to listen to while listening to the Sword and Laser as both MP3 and video on youtube)
    - Liberty Week
    - The Libertarian Minute
    - The Libertarian Solution Radio Podcast
    - The Sword and Laser Podcast (not auto downloaded, just to see the episodes)
    - this WEEK in LAW

    - P7
    - Dilbert Animated Cartoons
    - Downloads for project k9mail on Google
    - Elevation Church :: Video Podcast (set to manually download)
    - NSFW
    - Scam School (Quicktime Large)
    - This American Life (set to manually download)
    - TWiT Live Specials MP3

    I have a smartplay ruleset defined as follows:

    Oldest 8 episodes of p1
    Oldest 5 episodes of p2
    Oldest 4 episodes of p3
    Oldest 3 episodes of p4
    Oldest 2 episodes of p5
    Oldest 1 episode of p6.

    What would I like BeyondPod to do differently? Well, the only thing I can think of is a setting to delete if I have read it over _x_ of _y_ types of time periods. Something like this: "Delete if marked read for _24_ _hours_ straight" The only reason I don't have auto-delete right now is that I sometimes listen and fall asleep without sleep mode set. Of course ( :-) ) I have it set to automatically restart smartplay when finished, and to keep the current one that's playing. If it deleted as soon as I finished a podcast, I would miss a podcast or more.

    Generally speaking, I am down to around 70 hours of listening available. Due to these recent doubles and not being able to listen as much as usual, I have 374 episodes and 264 hours, 29 minutes to listen to. My gut tells me that this should be about 120 hours. :-)

    I use a Galaxy Note as my daily driver, do you intend me to use the phone version or the tablet version? I am using the phone version right now.

    I use BeyondPod more than any other app on my phone, as shown by the first place location in my Folder Organizer window.


    PS. Isn't this information available in the anonymous statistics that I upload? :-)

    Thanks for an awesome app, I use it more than any other on my phone.

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    I would really love to be able to give a detailed explanation of how I use BeyondPod, but I can't seem to figure it out. What I really want is for it to act almost exactly like Google Listen, but without the bugs. I like the very simple interface that it had and the automatic playing of the recent episodes of each feed. (Now I can't remember what that was called.)

    They didn't call it SmartPlay or even call it a playlist, but it worked. It kept the latest episodes of each of the feeds I subscribed to in a list and played them one after another. They even updated those episodes automatically (I think that was a source of a bug if I was listening to an episode that got superceded by and updated new episode).

    I can't seem to configure BeyondPod to do this even with "SmartPlay" turn on and "auto updating the playlist". It won't get rid of one month old episodes in some of my feeds. It seems to put things back in the playlist even after I listened to them. And lots of times it plays the same episode two times in a row.

    Are there configuration options in the current version that do what I just outlined that I like about Google Listen?

    Is there an easy way to mark an episode listened and remove it? In Google Listen pressing the -->| (next) button did that and then it would not auto play that episode.

    I just now downloaded the new Beta, but the first thing I did confused me. I clicked on the "episode notes" icon and it started playing the episode, but without a fullscreen player. Well, more like the screen is just white.

    I guess it sounds like I am reporting bugs, but I am basically just not sure how to do what I want to do. The feature set for BeyondPod is amazing, tablet support, plugins for 2x playback, millions of settings and configurations. But, when I can't do what I want, that all doesn't help. It seemed like things kind of worked in a confusing way before my free trial period expired, but now any time I try to refresh anything manually it says I need to get a paid version "for some features".

    The good thing is that the Beta version gives me another week to try to figure it out. I would buy it if I could get it to do what I want. Not sure why I have even spent this much time trying to configure the app...

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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    In the interests of keeping this thread on topic, I've duplicated this post here for discussion of how to get BP working like Google Listen

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    I have three categories. One ("News") is time sensitive and mostly news related. Two ("Fun") is for things that I find amusing or interesting. Three ("Backlog") is for podcasts which I would like to catch up on. The feeds update every night while I'm sleeping

    I use SmartPlay to play all episodes of "News", then all episodes of "Fun", then an episode of Backlog (all oldest episodes first)

    SmartPlay rebuilds itself when new episodes are downloaded.

    I use the small widget on my main home screen for easy play/pause access

    I will manually refresh at certain times. For example, when "News" has no unplayed episodes, I'll manually refresh the category will "Fun" episodes are playing. When News and Fun have no unplayed episodes, I will manually refresh those categories while backlog episodes are playing.

    If something existed where feeds would refresh at the end of a playlist, I'm pretty sure I could just use the mini widget and let BeyondPod run on autopilot except for the occasional skip forward/skip back xx seconds.

    I also listen to all things at 2x speed, which can be a bit buggy at times, but still worth it. (I use Presto. Do any alternatives exist?)

    A thing that might make like easier for me: use Jelly Bean's enhanced notifications: Small notification have the default one, expanded show skip/play/pause/next controls)

    I also have a Nexus 7, and I am excited about the cross-device syncing that has been mentioned in the forums

    Edit: I also like biffhero's idea to delete something after having been played for X amount of time. I have also fallen asleep without putting on the sleep timer only to wake up with episodes I didn't actually listen to marked as played.
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    Thank you for your comments. To keep this thread on topic, I have duplicated them in a new thread and responded to some of your points there.

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    I am a new user of about four weeks. I have changed phones from an iphone4 to a Samsung Galaxy Note2 and therefore have moved from iTunes for podcasts to BP.

    I love categories.
    I only use BP for audio never video or script.
    It is set to update every two hours over wifi only
    I also manually update a few times a day.
    I do not use smart playlists
    I manually create a playlist each morning and will add to it during the day as other (news & sport) episodes come in. I would like to take some podcasts out of the playlist as I like to start each day with an empty list. However the ability to reorder the list manually is great.
    I do not like that some listened to podcasts remain in the feed I want them gone, gone, gone.
    I want to turn off streaming. I don't know how.
    If I download a podcast using my home wifi I want it to remain on my phone until I want it and not disappear as they do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfplux View Post
    I manually create a playlist each morning and will add to it during the day as other (news & sport) episodes come in. I would like to take some podcasts out of the playlist as I like to start each day with an empty list. However the ability to reorder the list manually is great.
    I do not like that some listened to podcasts remain in the feed I want them gone, gone, gone.
    I want to turn off streaming. I don't know how.
    If I download a podcast using my home wifi I want it to remain on my phone until I want it and not disappear as they do.
    I'll address these questions and issues in your other thread

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    I've used BeyondPod for about 18 months, since I bought my first Android device.

    Mine is set up with five categories:
    - BBC - all feeds from BBC
    - SR (Swedish PBS radio) - all feeds from SR
    - Music - "amateur" podcasts about music
    - Photography "amateur" podcasts about photography
    - Daily - lists all feeds to be updated daily (i.e. scheduled updates)

    The first four categories are not updated automatically. Only the "Daily" category uses scheduled updates, once a day in the early morning hours. (I'm in Asia and all podcasts are from the US or Europe, so early morning means previous day's podcasts.) Automatic updates are set to download only one episode. The feeds that are not included in "Daily" are those where I'm not interested in all episodes and download manually after reading the description.

    (I had sixth category with some feeds that I were trying before I decided to put them in the existing categories. That category would also update automatically. It's empty now.)

    It can be tricky to add feeds, mostly because it's hard to type in URLs on the phone screen. I change feeds maybe once every three months or so - it's not a serious problem.

    All feeds are audio only podcasts. I never use streaming and was happy to find it could be switched off. I didn't manage to get video podcasts to work, though didn't try very hard. I used to have text only feeds too, but found that it worked better in a different, specialised app. (I can tell you which one, but don't want to shout it out on your web site.)

    Most episodes are deleted after one listen, usually in the episode list by holding the title and selecting Delete from the context menu. I keep some favourite episodes for a long time (years) rather than downloading them again.

    I use the "All Feeds" view to list the feeds (around 25 in total). Works great.

    For each feed, most of the time I use "My Episodes". This is a clever view to filter out old episodes.

    I do find it counter-intuitive that it doesn't work to swipe left from a list of episodes back to the list of feeds (instead you have to press the BeyondPod icon top left). Maybe I'm the only one. I'm sure you have a reason for having done it this way, but it doesn't make sense to me. No big deal, I know how to get around it.

    The icon to show description for an episode is hard to hit on a small phone screen. This is a small degradation from v2, but no major issue once you know how it works.

    I don't use any playlists. There was some default setting that didn't work for me, so I switched it off and never felt the need to explore the possibilities.

    Previous posters mention SmartPlay. I don't know what it is...

    I have the large widget on the home screen and also have the lock screen activated.

    1. Resume failed downloads: It's not unusual that episodes will fail to download for some of my feeds due to time-outs. The Internet connections to Europe from Hong Kong aren't always what you'd want them to be.) It can take weeks before I realise that an episode didn't download properly (especially before I found the "My Episodes" view). If there are frequent error messages for many feeds then I simply don't read them. It would be great if failed downloads could be resumed during the next scheduled update of that feed.

    (There was a second item, but I found it existed already... )

    Now using Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 with Android 2.3.6. Plan to switch to a Windows 8 phone within the next 6 months, so I hope you will have a version for that OS too!

    Thanks for a great app!
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    I just wanted to comment as a minor user of podcasts. There's really just one podcast I listen to whenever an episode comes out and mostly while driving. So playlists or categories aren't that important to me. Streaming is great for me since for some reason podcasts seem to be huge and stored on slow servers so downloads take a long time.

    What I find most annoying especially in the car is BeyondPod's "next" button in the player controls. As mentioned above, I usually have no playlist, just playing the one podcast. If I hit next by accident I end up with a screen saying "The Playlist is empty!" and then there's no easy way to get back to the listening. Some other podcast manager I've tried just ignores next completely if you're on the last/only thing of the playlist, another requires a long press to "avoid accidents". Either would be an improvement here.

    Other issues, well, I like to see what's what. Like what's playing in the widget. But no, it shows only a part of the episode name and feed name. This kinda sucks since the episodes are named along the lines of "xyz podcast episode 42" and the widget manages to show "xyz podc". Example only, but I hope you see the point.

    No help if I resize the widget (running Nova launcher which allows that) but of course it's BeyondPod that would need to put more text if the widget gets bigger. Or just go crazy and make a bigger widget to start with if resizing is somehow evil to you?

    Otherwise I really like the widget and the rich notification thing with controls but it has the same lack of information regarding what's playing.

    The lack visible information is also repeated in the feed screen. Top of the screen shows part of the feed name, each episode name is shown partially and a part of the episode notes are also shown. At least the tablet version is better here, only the notes are partial. But really? Why not just show the information? It's not like you're afraid of clutter now is it?

    Sorry if I was mostly off topic, this looks more like a wishlist now...

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    Thank you for your feedback. Rather than clutter up this thread, I have copied it to a new thread and replied there. Many of the things you want are already possible with BP's existing settings.

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