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Thread: How do YOU use BeyondPod? Help shape future versions

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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    Quote Originally Posted by jdonovan View Post
    There are too many places to do too many things. Blue dot shoud be the standard unplaced icon, new episodes shoud e automatically downloaded and deleted when done.
    The blue dot means UNREAD, not UNPLAYED - there are some situations in which those two states are not the same thing (although there are settings in BP that allow you to change how BeyondPod handles the interaction between them).

    I believe the default action in the player is Delete and Play Next (which is what you've requested). If not, you can certainly change it to behave this way.

    As to downloading new episodes, you CAN already schedule automatic updates to download new episodes if you have the paid (or trial) version of BeyondPod.

    My day-to-day use pattern is almost entirely automatic and appears to be roughly what you're requesting: I use scheduled updates to download all new episodes, SmartPlay rules to determine what order episodes get played in, After Playing is set to Delete and Play Next in the Player settings. My default startup screen is the player. Unless I decide I want something unusual, all I have to do is hit the play button in the widget, or open BeyondPod and hit play.

    I find that feedly flags override beyondpod flags so that things I have listened to, get re flagged as un read. Really, really annoying. Feedly integration also is a bit unpredictable in that some episodes of a podcast download and some, apparently exactly te same format, are unplayable.
    Feedly has some limitations that gReader didn't have, which hampers what BeyondPod's integration can achieve, and there may be issues with particular feeds too. Rather than diverting this thread, please could you start a new one to address these issues in more detail?


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    How I use BP:

    I do not sync with Feedly. I use Feedly to keep up with text-based blog posts. I use BeyondPod for audio content. I see no reason to have podcasts show up in Feedly, or non-audio content show up in BP. That's just me.

    I use SmartPlay exclusively. Every podcast is assigned a category (or two), and I only assign categories to SmartPlay.

    I have one category called "Quick Hits" which contains only sub-5-minute podcasts. I have SmartPlay set to play 5 Quick Hits items first, before moving on to other categories. I then have it play the oldest episode in each category, followed by the five oldest episodes in any (or no) category.

    I almost always play at 2.5X speed, with some feeds being throttled at 2X (or even 1X for those that contain a good portion of music).

    I do 90% of my listening in the car, and I have to amplify almost every feed, using the beta amplification feature. (A global amplification setting might be desirable.) I also listen while getting ready for work in the morning, or washing dishes, working around the house, etc.

    Very occasionally, I'll listen with my wife, in which case, I'll slow down to 1X speed. There is a problem with this, however, in that feeds I've specifically set to 2X (slower than my normal listening speed) will jump UP to 2X, when the speed is set to 1X. That's a minor inconvenience, but it would be nice if the "Preferred Playback Speed" setting were instead a "Maximum Playback Speed" setting, so that, if the overall speed were set slower than that Max Speed setting, the feed would not play faster than the overall speed.

    I update all feeds once per day, early in the morning. I see no need to update individual feeds or categories.

    When driving, I'm usually running Waze, so I use the BP notification area controls frequently.

    I like to listen to audiobooks from LibraVox, and the beta sort ordering by title has come in handy for this. I never listen to all episodes consecutively, preferring to have them intersperse with my other content.

    I wrote a post at HubPages about getting started with BeyondPod, which you may find interesting:

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    As I explained here back at the beginning of v3, I find it less effective than v2. The UI has good functionality, but poor usability, suffering from inconsistent elements, over complexity, unintuitive behaviors, and inconsistency with Android standards. For specific details on how I think v3 could (and should) be improved, please refer to those earlier posts.
    Hope that helps,
    [Nexus 5 running Lollipop 5.1 on T-Mobile USA]

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    Hong Kong
    • Xperia Ray (I have a Nexus 7 but I seldom use the BP for tablet there)
    • ICS 4.0.4 (Sony doesn't support further Android upgrade )
    • 32G SD card

    I use BP to listen to radio programs and watch TV programs (which I can listen to now). I always schedule to download the programs. Then I play the episodes when I am commuting (60 minutes a time, 2 times a day) or jogging (at least 1 hour) --- all via my bluetooth headset Plantronics Backbeat 903+.

    I use the app "Smart Connect" to start BP, every time the BT is connected. That way, I can simply turn on the BT, and start playing episodes straight away, without having to even touch my phone.

    I may also listen to the episodes, via my phone speaker, when I am having shower

    What I listen to
    I only use 2 categories that I have created:

    1. "Goodies" (in Chinese)
      This is where my priority feeds are. Having said that, I don't have time to finish them all. The category is scheduled to download every hour, on WIFI only. Feeds include:
      • Radio programs from online radio "D100" --- I spend most of my time listening to this feed. The feed basically has ALL the radio programs of the day, so total download size for a day can be a large 1GB, which can be much smaller if I could have set some download criteria to choose what episodes to download. Since I want to keep long history of some favorite episodes (radio program), count/time-based auto-delete of episodes is not very helpful. At the moment I can only delete unwanted episodes manually everyday, to avoid SD card full.
      • Many other online radio programs --- these feeds are better that they are one feed per radio program, so I can use time/count-based auto-delete to control feed storage capacity
      • A TV program --- also easily managed, since it corresponds to a single TV program. Great that I can choose to listen to it now, without having to turn on the screen.

    2. Others
      This category is WIFI-downloaded on a daily basis, and has feeds like the Economist. Lower priority to me, I might listen to it when I want something different, but "goodies" have kept me busy enough.

    BP Functions that I use
    • Add episodes from the feed to my playlist. Many times I simply play an episode straight away, so it's at the end of the playlist
    • Depending on my mood, I will switch to playlist to (easily!) move the episodes around to change the play order. This is very useful feature
    • I may switch listening between many episodes (some episodes are programs on current affairs, so the latest the better). So it's good that BP remembers where I was with EACH episode
    • I HEAVILY use the fast-forward function to skip ads/boring content in an episode. Before using BackBeat 903+, I used to press the FWD button on my old BT many times to skip multiple 30-secs. With 903+ I have to hold a + button for 2 secs instead. As a result, reluctantly, I now choose to take out my phone and press the FWD on BP screen straight away.
    • I remove an episode from the playlist, if it has been out-dated
    • Sometimes I use the sleep mode and play an episode for 20 minutes before it stops automatically
    • I am starting using the new Chromecast feature to listen/watch episode, when wife and I want to listen/watch the same episode
    • I have to plan and arrange what I want to listen to, before I start my jogging. I still want to FWD to skip ads in the episode, but it's a nuisance holding the + button on 903+ for the long 2 sec. It has been frustrating but many times I just let the ads go on --- what a waste of my time. How I wish I could FWD using my voice, when I am running!

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    I use categories, but just because they are there. I wouldn't care if they were not.

    BP is set up to update feeds once a day.

    I have about 10 feeds listed. Some update daily. Others more like weekly. Some update very infrequently.

    I just go through the feeds looking for episodes I want to listen to and download them.

    The rest I mark as read and let them disappear.

    Then I just listen to the episodes in the order of their date, earliest first.

    That's it. Pretty simple.

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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    Thanks for your contribution

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    I also don't use categories. Everyday i just look at the podcasts that i have downloaded overnight, (as i only download at night) then set up my playlist for the day. I do this as i usually listen to half funny podcasts half news/information podcasts and i like to bounce between them so as to keep things lively.
    I then listen to them in my car or at work all day, then have them set to delete as i finish them. I use tasker to use headset or bluetooth controls as needed as this allows me to play/pause the app i am currently using such as beyondpod or poweramp for music.
    I love the app and keep up the good work.

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    What does the 2 orange arcs mean on the app icon?
    Rss or speaker sound?

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    At the time we created the icon (... about 3 years ago) the idea was to show the relationship to the RSS feed (this is why they are orange).

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    I've been using Beyond Pod for TWIT podcasts and it's has the best player features I need, like a skip button. Other players always skip back to the beginning! I'm trying to figure out how to get older podcasts without going to the TWIT site because then I have to use the player on my Note 2, and I haven't found one that has good features like Beyond Pod.

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