Hi all,

Wondered if anyone else has experienced this. In the past few weeks I am frequently having issues with AndoidAuto failing to find podcasts in BeyondPod, and will just display "Getting your selection". It never does.

The problem seems to be triggered by: listening to a podcast, or part of a podcast in the car. I disconnecting the phone, finish off the podcast elsewhere, delete it, and start listening to something else. When I next re-connect the phone to the car, AA seems unable to handle the fact the podcast that was playing when last connected is no longer there and a different one is in the playlist. It doesn't detect that BP has a different podcast playing, not does it present me the 'feeds' to select, like it used to. It just displays "Getting your selection", from which I cannot progress.

All other apps seem to be working fine, just BP frequently is unusable in the car now. Sometimes rebooting the phone helps, but not always. I use a Huawei P20 lite.