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Thread: View Update Log function no longer works

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    View Update Log function no longer works

    As of today, the View Update Log feature no longer works (it worked yesterday). Presumable some API change.

    The log files exist, and can be opened via the Files app, but within BeyondPod I get an error like

    No activity found to handle event [ act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat=content://beyondpoddevo/BeyondPodStorageRootPah/.... ]

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    Update log - me too

    Just wanted to chime in that you are not alone as it happened to me as well. I got a new phone just days before so wondered if I imagined this was working at first or not - I was pretty sure it had worked, but didn't want to document the issue based on that. I like your theory about a library outside of BeyondPod changing and breaking this.

    My current setup:
    Samsung S10+
    Android 9
    BeyondPod v4.2.41


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    This bug has already been reported to the development team. They are aware and are working on a fix along with the other bugs on their list. Thank you for reporting.

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