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Thread: 4.2.42 Notification Bug

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    4.2.42 Notification Bug

    Galaxy S9+

    1) Since switching to 4.2.40 constantly has loading feeds circular notification unless I manually open the app and refresh each time it appears. This has not been fixed in any of the updates.

    2) the newest bug in 4.2.42 is that it adds a second notification, essentially a duplicate to the one that's supposed to be appears in grey though, like a system notification. Can only be manually swiped away once I have closed the program fully

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    Yeah the notification system is a mess.

    - blank notification
    - double notifications
    - can't swipe them away
    - they come back on their own
    - if you press play on the notification after having paused for a while it gets stuck on a "loading feeds" notification and the only thing you can do is open the app through the app drawer
    - pressing pause on the notification minimizes it and you have to reopen the notification drawer to press play again

    It's a whole thing.

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    I have notification bug on android 10 too.
    And I can't open update log because of reader's permission error.

    But everything else works perfectly!
    I hope those issues will be fixed soon.

    Thanks for this update!

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