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Thread: 4.2.41 Podcast not current Vicki McKenna WIBA

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    4.2.41 Podcast not current Vicki McKenna WIBA

    This issue may not be software but feed currency related.
    I am subscribed to Vicki McKenna WIBA and her current feed has not updated since 8/8/19.
    I can find her Podcasts on the IHeart Radio website but cannot use the URL I found their to use in BeyondPod as the feed.
    The feed URL I see in BeyondPod is

    The IHeart Radio URL that shows more current Podcasts is

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    Nothing that I can find is an RSS feed, even though everything says that it is. IHeart and Apple Podcasts want you to use their app, so they can show you ads.
    There's an interesting API page at but I don't think that BP can use that interface.

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