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Thread: coast to coast am

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    coast to coast am

    I am having trouble linking with coast RSS. Can someone please help.

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    What exactly is the problem you're having? And what's the URL of the RSS you're having trouble with?


  3. #3 this is what comes up when you click on r s s on the website. the message I get says that it is probably invalid. hoping someone could give me the correct want to be able to set it up to download automatically

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    If you actually click on that link, it gets you to another page full of feed categories, and the categories actually have a link to the feed. I clicked on your link, then on "Featured Content", then the "View feed RSS" link is a URL that BP can use.

    Personally, for feeds that give BP trouble, I use Firefox on my desktop to drill down until I get the "real" RSS feed page; Firefox uses a recognizable format for displaying a feed, but Dolphin, Opera Mobile, and the stock browser don't, that's too bad.

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