I often connect my android phone to my car stereo or home computer via USB. On the car stereo or computer I can browse the folder list and open the Beyondpod M3U file.

However neither device can play any of the files as their path is described as something like f:\mnt\sdcard\beyondpod\.....

If I manually edit the file to just start with \beyondpod\.... then it works fine.

It would therefore seem useful to have the option of making the M3U file format compatible with external players. I assume it works fine if I open the M3U with a player on the actual phone as the path name will be resolved correctly.

Apologies if I am missing something obvious.

PS I can use bluetooth to play BeyopndPod playlist in the car, but I would prefer to connect via USB as I get more meaningful info on the car display about which track is playing