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    You guys are awesome! It works!! So what did you guys change? Can you comment on the behavior that is being exhibited in the previous versions of the app? Is it something inherent to the Android libraries or something you are not account for? All of the Android apps are showing this same behavior, so I am assuming it is just the default behavior for Android apps using http libraries. Is your application logic to identify the TYTpodcast and act differently only for it, or just to stop pushing the auth header after the successful validation attempt?

    StefanK, I found your previous post from some German podcast that had this issue back in 2011, is it something specific to the Android programming libraries? Or is this something that was just a pseudo-bug in your application? To quote you (or was it the other guy?):

    “…The issue is that this happens automatically by Android’s Http infrastructure – The request is made to the gatekeeper URL with the Authentication headers and when the redirect is received, the Http infrastructure automatically resends the headers to the redirected URL. I will take a look if there is a way to around it…”
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