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Thread: Placeholder? Can't get back to what I was listening to...

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    Placeholder? Can't get back to what I was listening to...

    I admit it - I'm a touchscreen moron. I touch my phone, move stuff around, lose the feed I was in, and start a new one. Is there a button somewhere that will allow me to resume playback of the episode I was in the middle of? If not - there should be!

    Thanks - love BP. Recommend it whenever I can.

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    Well, it rather depends on your settings and how you started the next episode. Some setups add new episodes to your playlist; others replace your playlist with a new one. (See Automatic Playlist.)

    If you added to your playlist, all you have to do is tap on the right hand Player/Playlist tab to open up the playlist and scroll up to find the podcast you were previously listening to. But, if you use Automatic playlist, then BeyondPod no longer knows what was on your previous playlist.

    However, all is not lost. It DOES know what episodes you have started listening to. If you go to Episodes view, you can select All Episodes in the top header, and then show only Unfinished episodes using the filter at the bottom left corner. You can also sort by Played Portion using the sort order in the bottom right corner, if that helps. (NB: I think the Unfinished Episodes filter may only be available in the current beta version.)

    This won't recover your previous playlist if it has been lost, but can at least help you find a particular episode that you were in the middle of.

    Thinking laterally, you can also set up a Smartplay list which is a set of rules to define which podcasts should get put on your playlist and in what order. You can always start Smartplay to rebuild and play your Smartplay list from Menu | Play ... in the Feed or Player views, or from the BeyondPod widget. This would get you back to having a predictable set of episodes on your playlist (and may mean that you don't have to jump around between feeds in the first place - just set up your rules, and start playing).


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