Good morning.

First off, I realise this may have nothing to do with BeyondPod itself. However, at the moment I am at a loss to pinpoint the actual problem.

Background: My phone somehow crashed during the night and wouldn't start again, so I've reformatted it, and have been spending the morning restoring it to its proper settings. But I can't get my usual fringe interest pods into BP.

I can find the huge dragons (like Serial or Undisclosed) just fine, but none of the smaller pods will show up in my search results. For example, searches like "Fummelpodden", "Nordnordost" and "Palmemordet" return no search results. And I know for a fact that these are listed at iTunes.

I also downloaded podkicker to see if I could get them from there, and it works just fine, so it's not as if the feeds themselves aren't working.

I have tried restarting the unit and reinstalling BeyondPod and its key in differening sequences with no difference to the result.

Any ideas?