Man, migrating BeyondPod (with or without a whole directory copy) has always been a bit touchy for me, and I've been doing it for many years, but I was completely unable to get it to work when moving the whole /storage/emulated/0/BeyondPod folder from a Pixel 3 to a Pixel 4A 5G, with both running BeyondPod 4.3.28.

Upon first opening BeyondPod, I got a message stating,
Corrupt Feed Repository
We are sorry, but your local repository appears to be corrupted and all repair attempts failed! Next time you start BeyondPod your feed subscriptions will be reset to the install defaults.

OK, I thought, I'll just restore one of the many .bpbak files in the /storage/emulated/0/BeyondPod/Backups folder. I can deal with downloading all the episodes again. No go. No matter what I tried, BeyonPod insisted that there were no backup files in that folder. I tried many variations of what I put in that folder and its parent, and none of them worked.

Finally came across this post about downgrading to 4.2.18 and thought I'd give it a try.
I did a clean copy of the /storage/emulated/0/BeyondPod folder back to the new device, side-loaded 4.2.18 and crossed my fingers. Hallelujah! It recognized all my feeds and most downloaded episodes - just had to manually download a few.

It's amazing to me that a straight version 4.3.28 to 4.3.28 move to a new device failed so spectacularly, yet using an old version was so smooth. I can see why it's fallen to 2.8 stars on the Play store. The only reason I've stuck with it all these years is the automatic rebuilding and ordering of the SmartPlay playlist.

Anyone know of a podcast app that has that feature? I don't want to add new episodes to the end of a playlist. I want them put into the order defined in my SmartPlay. If a new episode of podcast #1 in the SmartPlay builder is downloaded, I want that one to play next.