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Thread: Timeout after pause is too short

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    Timeout after pause is too short

    Whenever I pause BeyondPad the timeout is too short. I am not sure what the time is, but it after something like 30 seconds or a minute I can't restart by clicking on my Bluetooth headset pause button. I have to reopen the app and unpause. What is up with that? Some apps leave themselves as paused for hours, but BeyondPod just quits running after a minute or so.


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    This is something that will be fixed in the next release. Thank you for reporting.

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    OK, great. This has been going on for years, so it would be nice it if was fixed.


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    This is still not fixed in the latest version. Now it starts playing for no reason after I disconnect my Bluetooth, but still won't restart if I pause for a while.

    I really don't get who is testing this stuff before it is released. Nothing is ever fixed.


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