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Thread: Beta 4.3.8 Pauses when Bluetooth connected

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    Beta 4.3.8 Pauses when Bluetooth connected

    I often use a Bluetooth headset or speaker on my Moto X4 running Android 9.x.
    When the Bluetooth headset or speaker is connected, BeyondPod Beta 4.3.8 (unlocked) pauses about every 3 minutes.
    If I use a wired headset or speaker, the pause doesn't happen.
    This is new behavior starting in 4.3.8. I didn't see the problem previously.

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    This is one of the fixes addressed in the latest available BETA version 4.3.21. You can find the apk for this BETA version here: or on the Google Play Store if you are signed up as a BETA user.

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