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Thread: App freezes on load.

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    Unhappy App freezes on load.

    I have been having performance issues with BeyondPod for the last 2 years (as you may see from my previous posts.

    About a month ago it became completely inoperable. My drive was full and I assumed that was the problem. So, I purchased an SD card and today I transferred some files to it. That let BeyondPod work for a little while which time I used to transfer the BeyondPod data files (fully 40% of my data) to the SD card. I assumed that that would alleviate the problem.

    However, after that, it returned to not working at all.

    • When I staet the app it seems to load showing the last podcase I was looking at when it got this bad.
    • The screen mostly shows correctly except for the bar across the bottom that normally has info about what is currently playing. This bar is blank.
    • Tapping anything has no responce except that ocasionally I will get the Android "BeyondPod isn't responding" dialogue.
    • Using the wiget just does nothing.

    Attached is a screen image. Note that I have blurred Podcast names and descriptions, but blank areas are actually blank.

    Thank you for any assistance or advice that you can provide.

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