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Thread: Android 11 and BP random starting

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    Android 11 and BP random starting

    Has anyone experienced issues with BP since upgrading to 11? When I stop the podcast, another instance of it starts playing after about 30 seconds or so. I thought I was a beta issue so I removed myself from the beta program, uninstalled and reinstalled and it still happens. Also this instance isn't accessible, its the if I exit the app and the close all in the android menu, it still runs. Samsung Note 10+ I've only noticed this since I upgraded to 11. Any ideas on what I can do?

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    A new BETA version 4.3.23 was just released this morning with a fix for Auto-Playing Unprovoked. You can find the apk here: or on the Google Play Store if you are signed up as a beta user.

    **We always suggest creating a backup in BeyondPod before making any version changes.**
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