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Thread: after upgrade, some episodes showing in grey

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    I uninstalled BeyondPod 4.3.26 (but left the key installed) and downgraded to 4.3.8 via APK. Restored via backup, and all seemed well for a day or two.

    This morning, I noticed that my phone updated BeyondPod. BeyondPod shows 4.3.26, the same version as before, but in the changelog noticed the entry "Fixed: Downloaded Episodes Marked as Played/Clear Played Function not responding"

    Wasn't this the same version number having issues?

    I'd think you'd update the version number to eliminate this exact issue of confusion.

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    A new version (v4.3.28) with fixes for "Episodes being Marked as Played", "Clear Played not responding" and "Pause on Headset Disconnect not responding" was submitted to Google for review yesterday. Once they have approved the released, it will be made available to the public in the Google Play Store.

    *Google's review process is taking longer than usual due to limited staffing, but we are hoping they will finish the review and make v4.3.28 available by the end of today or end of the weekend at the latest.*

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