I paid $7 for BeyondPod like 10 years ago. However, with the amount of bugs happening, and how long they take to get fixed, I'm not sure that a one-time purchase of $7 for life is really what should keep BeyondPod working well. The app doesn't change much, which I'm perfectly fine with, but bugs have increased, at least since I got a Galaxy S10 in the US.

While I don't know how much money the app key purchase has actually generated for the developers, if it's more than enough to fix bugs in a timely manner and keep the app running smoothly across all of the different phones, then I think we as users have some justified anger. However, if the provider of the app is struggling, then I'd be perfectly willing to pay a subscription for the "premium" version of the app (or tiered versions), say $1 per year or month.

Can someone clue me in on whether the BeyondPod developers are doing just fine, or whether they could use help fixing issues? I'd probably be OK contributing source code fixes, but really the developers should be well-paid and have time to fix things without having "new this and that" requests thrown at them while working with an increasingly buggy architecture. I really wish focus was on performance and consistently-working features and quality, in any software app, over "getting new things out" or "just making more money" if that's the case.