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Thread: Please disable debugging in android version!!!

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    Please disable debugging in android version!!!

    Dear Developers!

    As you might be familiar with the Google Market Publishing Rules, i'd ask you to please turn off the debugging-messages in BeyondPod... this should be disabled on _any_ App on the market, and with BeyondPod it's a horrible massive number of lines that get send to logcat - i tend to say it's spamming logcat.

    especially as i'm also developing android apps, this is really annoying!


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    Thank you for the feedback.

    We are generally careful to not output any unnecessary debug messages - the ones you see are frequently used for diagnostics (people capture their device logs and send them to us when they have issues). Can you send us (or post) a couple of samples of messages that you consider "spamming" - it is possible that they were left unintentionally and we will gladly remove them in the next build.

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    Most of the messages i consider "spam" have the "[BeyondPodApplication]" string appended, e.g. the ever repeating "WiFi adapter is already on....", and during scheduled background-updates there's a lot of messages showing up. if i happen to catch those updates in logcat i can post them later, but you can also check that yourself.

    i know it's very valuable to get that data from devices to locate the source of the problems, and - except for a small loss in app-speed - the normal user will not even know what's happening there in background.

    but as a developer it's ugly especially when you are looking to find errors related to other (= not from your own app) packages where you can not really filter. and - beyondpod is not the only app - the next moment there's soo many lines sent to logcat that clutter it up.

    Just as an idea, if you need this for debugging - make a preferences that generally disables logcat output as the default, or enable it as default and but people like me can turn it off. or, as a alternative, make your own Log-Class (just overwrite the built in one), and depending on a preference, you can still forward it to logcat, or log to a log-file on the sd-card - this could also be included in crash-reports for later usage, that's what i did in my app!

    Beside that "negative" stuff, i also have to say that i'm using beyondpod every day since i cant remember when, and it's a really valueable tool - so Thanks for providing it!

    Edit: i just captured 114 Lines via LogCat for just one update that downloaded one file...
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