This forum generally does a pretty good job of filtering out spam. However, like every other automated system, occasionally it gets it wrong, and either some leaks through (in which case many of you are pretty good at flagging it up - thank you - and we'll get rid pretty quickly), or false positive posts sit awaiting moderation.

Unfortunately, for the moderators, the posts awaiting moderation look pretty much like a normal post, so it's very easy to just reply without realising that the rest of you can't actually see them. This mostly happens when relatively new forum members post a perfectly innocent link (e.g. to a feed, a screenshot, or a related thread). To make things more confusing, the RSS feed includes these posts, even though you can't see them live in the forum, as the RSS feed get generated before the filtering kicks in.

So, if you post something, but then can't see it, or if a link to a thread or post appears to be broken, please PM me with the details (i.e. which forum section and thread) - it's almost certainly something awaiting moderation that I've missed!

There are tools (but no email or any other alerts, AFAIK) for stuff that's awaiting moderation, so I've used those to resolve all the outstanding ones today, and I'll try to keep an eye on those too from now on.