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Thread: How to make Tasker if BeyondPod is playing/pausing audio?

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    How to make Tasker if BeyondPod is playing/pausing audio?

    Is it possible for Tasker to know if an audio stream is being played or paused specifically by BeyondPod? By googling, I figured that Tasker can know if an audio track is being played by looking at the set/unset state of %MTRACK variable.

    But that %MTRACK variable is shared by all music apps: Google Play Music, BeyondPod, ...

    I want to set a context such that if BeyondPod is in "paused state" for 3 minutes, trigger a task that kills BeyondPod (because I don't like it to stay persistently in the notification area until it is killed manually).

    As of now using "%MTRACK set" context works. But then Tasker will try to kill BeyondPod even when I pause a track on any other music app.

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    I haven't tried it, but you may find the information here helps (specifically the PLAYBACK_STATUS):

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