Downgrading BeyondPod to previous versions

If you want to downgrade back to previous version, just un-install the current release and then install the desired previous release from the links below:

BeyondPod v4.0 public release: 4.0.32 PHONE/TABLET

BeyondPod v3 public release: 3.3.68 PHONE or 3.30.68 TABLET.

Before uninstalling, you may want to back-up your existing feeds and settings and save it outside the device (just in case).

IMPORTANT! If your device runs Android KitKat AND you have moved the episode download folder to the External SD card, all your downloaded episodes will be deleted when you un-install. If you want to keep your episodes, you have to move them back to the internal SD card BEFORE doing the steps above. Alternatively you can copy the BeyondPod download folder ([Path to Your External SD card]/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod) to your PC/DropBox/Google Drive etc.)