Getting Started Guide

You just installed BeyondPod but are unsure what to do next? This short guide will help you enjoy your podcasts in no time.

Add Feeds

Find audio or video podcast you like. Best place to start is by selecting + Add Feed from the left navigation drawer (tap the BeyondPod icon  located in the top left corner of the screen). You will have access to a large collection of popular podcasts from various sources, categories or regions, including a large selection of free audio books. When adding feeds they can be assigned to different categories based on what makes sense to you (for example News, Sports, Favorites etc.). You can find more information about adding feeds in the Search and Add Feeds section.

Navigate your feeds

In BeyondPod you can organize your feeds in categories.  To see all the episodes in a category tap the category. To see feeds in a given category, tap on the "down" arrow  to the right side of the category name. To see the episodes in a given feed tap on the feed. 


Tap on any episode to play it. BeyondPod will automatically  create a playlist starting from selected episode and including all episodes that follow it. You can always fine tune what episodes are included in the playlist and how episodes are sorted.

Schedule Updates

You can schedule the update and downloads to occur automatically (for example at night).You can configure a single update schedule for all your feeds or fine tune the update schedule independently for each category.

In addition to scheduled updates, you can also manually download any episode from any feed. To do that, select the feed from the list of feeds, and tap on the "Download" button  for the episode you want to download.

Stream Episodes

If you have a good (and free) internet connection (WiFi or unlimited plan) you can also try to “stream” the episode – this will start playing directly from the internet (without having to download it first). Streaming is especially convenient for videos as they are quite big and, even when using a fast connection can take some time to download. BeyondPod relies on the default Android Media Player for streaming, and unfortunately the results are very dependent on the device, internet connection, and the format of the podcast.